Book Review: The Bible by Answers in Genesis

“The Bible” is a short book describing how we can know the Bible can be trusted. It read similar to Josh McDowell’s “Evidence that Demands a Verdict,” but much more simplistic. Each topic gives substantiating evidence for the authenticity and sufficiency of Scripture. This is an excellent resource for a new Christian to become grounded in the essential characteristics of the Bible. Continue reading

Book Review: Noah’s Ark by Answers in Genesis

“Noah’s Ark,” collaborated by Answers in Genesis’ staff is an excellent, concise, biblical and scientific look at the Genesis 6 Noahic Flood, specifically the Ark. If proof of Noah’s Ark were confirmed it would substantiate Scripture’s historicity yet again and be a warning of the global flood catastrophe that established billions of dead things laid down by water all over the earth. It would establish that the fossil records were not derived by a slow process of millions of years that evolutionists and humanists purport in inaccurate assessment of the geologic evidence. Continue reading

Book Review: The Human Body by Answers in Genesis

“The Human Body” is one of those favorite humbling books that gives cause for rejoicing in God’s perfect design of the human body. It is incomprehensible how foolish people can be to believe the lie that man was formed over millions of years by chance, random selection and death. The body has an incredible design, especially in its birth. Continue reading

Book Review: Charles Darwin: His life and impact by Answers in Genesis

The book “Charles Darwin” succinctly describes the master proponent for evolution. It not only describes Darwin, but also addresses several questions that arise because of his work. There are four chapters on Darwin and three chapters answering questions most likely associated with the name of Darwin and evolution. Continue reading

Book Review: Astronomy by Answers in Genesis

“Astronomy” concisely addresses the Biblical perspective of the big bang, formation of stars, black holes and measuring the age of the universe by the stars. It starts with the premise that the Bible was written by the Author, or Creator, of the universe and seeks explanations for questions that perplex man. Those who believe in billions of years use the same evidence as those who believe the universe is around 6000 years old, but because their premise for understanding is different (billions of years), their explanations are at direct odds to creationists. Continue reading

Book Review: Best Evidences: Science and the Bible Refute Millions of Years by Answers in Genesis

“Best Evidences” is clear, objective and well-documented with evidence that demonstrates the earth is young (around 6000 years) and Scripture is Truth. It demonstrates how the “old earth” philosophy is an attack on the character of God and is incompatible with a literal historic-grammatical approach to Scripture. Continue reading

Book Review: “Compromise – Refuting non-biblical interpretations of Genesis 1” by Answers in Genesis

“Compromise” is a concise defense regarding several erroneous, non-biblical interpretations of Genesis 1. Ken Ham, Terry Mortenson and Werner Gift address three prominent views creationists hold that compromise the natural, literal interpretation of Genesis 1 with the theory (and lie) of “millions and millions of years.” These three views hold to a Divine Creator, but seek to mesh this theory into an implausible explanation of Genesis 1. Continue reading

Book Review: “Global Warming” by Answers in Genesis

“Global Warming” is an objective analysis of the hype portrayed by many scientists, politicians and the media. It is objective, because it looks at the facts and takes out the scare tactics. It removes the personal agendas that some use to gain greater control over people and unknowingly, destroy small businesses. Continue reading