Book Review: The Kaizen Way by Robert Maurer

The Kaizen Way by Robert Maurer is a quick read for dealing with big problems.  I remember being overwhelmed by several papers during college and once I started writing, even if what I wrote was thrown out, the paper started flowing.  It was that initial step to get the process going that mattered.  However, many people are neutralized on the first step and fail to attempt what they really want to do. Continue reading


Book Review: Googling God by John Cox

“Googling God” has a subtitle, “Searching for a faith you can believe in.” At first I thought it might be a possible book an unbeliever could read for evangelistic purposes. What I discovered is that it is much better suited for someone who likes to read, or young in their Christian faith, or has hit several bumps in the road and is questioning God. The last two chapters bring the book into focus. Continue reading

Book Review: National Sunday Law By A. Jan Marcussen

“National Sunday Law” is a book I received in the mail and it said 39. 2 million were in print. So with that many printed, I thought I would quickly read through it. It is printed by the Orthodox Christian Church publication ministry called New Life Publications and Marcussen is a Seventh-Day Adventist minister (researched after reading the book).

The book describes a warning to Christians to return to Sabbath worship and escape from the Catholic Church. While Marcussen uses Scripture for his arguments, Continue reading

Book Review: The Secure Home by Joel M. Skousen

This was the second book loaned to me to get my take on Joel Skousen as an author and projector of sound advice (the first was Strategic Relocation).  This tome (683 pages) is not for the weekend reader of fiction books.  Skousen is an expert on preparation.  He’s devoted his life to preparing for any situation, most of which has not happened and may never happen.  However, for those who may see smoke on the horizon, and a building project in the future, Skousen provides a plethora of ideas on how to be wise about your home investment. Continue reading

Book Review: Strategic Relocation by Joel Skousen

I was loaned this book to read and found it most interesting.  Skousen seems to ask the question, “Considering multiple threats to our wellbeing…and the political, economic and social environments, where is the best place to live?”  Skousen doesn’t just point to a specific location.  Instead he gives a strategic analysis of global geopolitics, geography and climate, freedoms and politics, crime and standard of living concerns and prospects for war, invasion and potential terrorism.  This is not for the timid of heart. Continue reading

Book Review: Ultimate Questions by John Blanchard

“Ultimate Questions” is an excellent introductory book to the Bible and Christianity. I received it from a recent church I visited. It makes a clear presentation of many initial questions a new believer would have or someone who is searching for answers. The purpose of the book is “Who is God and how do you relate to Him.” Continue reading

Book Review: Joseph: From Pit to Pinnacle by Charles Swindoll

“Joseph” is a tremendously well written, concise study for small groups or individuals who need a lift in the midst of a discouraging world. Whether dealing with rejection, mistreatment or disrespect, the account of Joseph will restore your faith in the gracious, faithfulness of the Lord Jesus Christ. Joseph receives the most attention in the book of Genesis and rightly so, because he is a wonderful type of the Lord Jesus Christ who forgives and who is lifted from the pit to the pinnacle of the universe. Continue reading

Book Review: Heaven has Blue Carpet by Sharon Niedzinski

“Heaven Has Blue Carpet” is a refreshing reminder of how we are like sheep and the love the Good Shepherd has for us all. Sharon and Ron Niedzinski left the suburban lifestyle to buy their dream farm and Sharon raised sheep for 16 years. She was able to weave a wonderful and warm account of her love for sheep in a story line that pulls on your “heart-strings.” She invites you to read the next chapter with anticipation of adventure, learning and laughter. Continue reading

Book Review: Abraham – The Friend of God by Charles Swindoll

“Abraham – The Friend of God” is a solid small group study aid on the life of Abraham. In typical Chuck Swindoll style, he taught through the life of Abraham in a concise and clear manner. Actually the book was written by David Lien and Bill Butterworth based on the teaching ministry of Chuck. While it was written back in 1988, the study is just as relevant today, because of the timeless truths from the Word of God. Continue reading