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Play Call: Insights

Superbowl XLIX was one of the best that I’ve ever seen. I enjoyed the back and forth instead of a lop-sided rout. Many people are ripping Pete Carroll for the last Seahawk play call of a pass rather than a Marshawn Lynch run. And considering the odds, it would seem that a run would have been a better choice. But if New England’s Butler had been a tenth of a second later to the ball, the Seahawks would have been victorious. Continue reading

The Lord’s Doing Psalm 117-118

To skip over the shortest Psalm would be foolishness.  Psalm 117, the shortest psalm, surrounds Psalm 118 with Psalm 119, the longest one.  Psalm 117 is directive, hopeful and praise worthy.  In all the joys and druthers of life, God is worthy of praise.  Considering the redemption found only in the Lord Jesus motivates thankfulness to praise Him.  Worshipping Him motivates your heart to lift your eyes heavenward for hope.  Singing transforms your life to praise instead of self-pity.  Then we slide into Psalm 118 with so many wonderful life-transforming principles.  The middle verse of the Bible Continue reading

The Voice: Insights

“The Voice” is one of those reality television shows involving singing competition. It apparently includes coaching competition between the four judges who mentors contestants they have chosen. The winner gets 100,000 dollars and recording studio opportunities. There have been seven successful seasons according to NBC. People love to hear others sing. The voice is a strong force. Continue reading

Good People Let Evil Influence Part 4: Insights

We’ve been looking at Edmund Burke’s statement, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” We saw that that approach to life was not a recent phenomenon, but began with Adam in the Garden of Eden. We saw that the good work a Christian is to disciple others to Christ. However, he first needs to be discipled. People often are not humble enough to go through the process of discipleship, and therefore do not learn how to disciple others. They think they are too busy, or too old, or they’ve been a Christian long enough and they just keep doing what they’ve been doing. What prevents people from starting the process? It is easy, because it is just helping another person grow spiritually. However, it is genuinely difficult, because every Christian has so many distractions away from that good work. Continue reading

Good People Let Evil Influence Part 3: Insights

Edmund Burke wrote, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” We saw that that approach to life began with Adam in the Garden of Eden. Adam was good, because he had not sinned. He had good intentions, because he did what the Lord commanded him – naming the animals and tending the garden. But Adam momentarily did not act by faith dependence on the Lord and he chose to “go along” with what Eve said and did (Gen. 3:1-6). We also saw in yesterday’s article that the Christian’s good work was to grow to spiritual parenthood and disciple others to Christ. The lack of that fulfillment is the main reason evil is encroaching on all the good in the world today. Can we change so that we do what the Lord directs? Absolutely! Continue reading