Book Review: Astronomy by Answers in Genesis

“Astronomy” concisely addresses the Biblical perspective of the big bang, formation of stars, black holes and measuring the age of the universe by the stars. It starts with the premise that the Bible was written by the Author, or Creator, of the universe and seeks explanations for questions that perplex man. Those who believe in billions of years use the same evidence as those who believe the universe is around 6000 years old, but because their premise for understanding is different (billions of years), their explanations are at direct odds to creationists.

Astronomy is addressed in the Bible. Jason Lisle, Ph.D. in astrophysics, records how Scripture addresses a round earth (Job 26:10), “floating” in space (Job 26:7), expansion of the universe (Is. 40:22), and God’s marvelous handiwork (Ps. 19:1).  He also explains the flaws of the big bang theory and how even many secular scientists challenge it. Too many Christian succumb to the onslaught of the lies about millions of years and are not able to defend their faith with the authority of God’s Word. Jason also describes how the “Stars of Heaven Confirm Biblical Creation.” Stars differ in glory (1 Cor. 15:41) and demonstrate that the age of the universe is much younger than billions of years, because of the lack of “galaxy spiral” and commonness of blue stars.

Wayne Spencer addresses a very interesting chapter on “Can We See Stars Forming?” Star disks, dust and collisions contribute greatly to the reality that the universe is much younger than the 13.5 billion years that some propagate.

Jason Lisle provides an excellent explanation of “Black Holes: The Evidence of Things Not Seen.” His Biblical perspective helps average readers, like myself, get a glimpse on understanding the existence of black holes with illustrations that make sense.  Another question that he answers is, “Does Distant Starlight Prove the Universe is Old?” His own questions, analysis of the speed of light and arguments against false assumptions give Scripture credibility.

Several other issues round out a short, but an extraordinary book on astronomy from God’s perspective.  Jason Lisle’s description and explanation of the Star of Bethlehem is very helpful.  Danny Faulkner addresses how some have used the stars to declare the gospel message and there are helpful concepts that can be used to build bridges to the gospel message. Tom Chesko lifts our eyes to the heavens with many Biblical passages regarding “The Majesty of God.” And Jason Lisle answers how curiosity on ETs and UFOs are often a distraction from the Truth. This chapter is well written, although he could have addressed how some UFOs could be answered through demonic manifestations.

The universe is a tremendous picture of how vast, great and awesome God is! Astronomy is a field of study that can humble us to the majesty of God!


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