Q&A: Salvation Freedom Philippians 3:7-14

Below are suggested answers to the Message Based Discussion Questions from the message presented on October 26, 2014. Please use them to stimulate your thought for original answers rather assume these are the only answers.

Acts 10:1-4; Matt. 26: 6-13; Ex. 3:10-15

What are my memories? Continue reading


MSG: Salvation Life: Life in the Bride of Christ Hebrews 13:7,17

This message was presented on October 19, 2014 as a special message on Salvation Life.

Around B.C. 750, toward the SW of Israel, the Third Intermediate period of Egypt ended and the late Egyptian period began. God used Egypt to launch Israel to the promised land, but Egypt no longer had significant power. Toward the NE, in B.C. 745, Tiglath-Pileser seized the crown of Assyria who would be used by God to conquer the ten tribes of the Northern Kingdom of Israel. Tiglath invaded the Northern Kingdom in B.C. 738 and forced her to pay tribute. He destroyed and scattered them across the Assyrian Empire in B.C. 722.  Prior to that, B.C. 740, Isaiah had a vision. Is. 6:1-5, Continue reading

Q&A: Salvation Fruit – Titus 2:11-14

This material was presented on Oct 12, 2014 as part of a special message on Salvation and Works. The suggested answers to the Message Based Discussion Questions below are designed to stimulate thinking not replace it. Use these to spur one another to love and good works.

James 2:14-24

How important are works? Can a Christian produce dead works? Continue reading

MSG: Salvation Fruit Titus 2:11-14

This message was presented on October 12, 2014 as part of a special on salvation and works.

Last Sunday, we saw that Salvation is by grace alone through faith alone in Christ alone. There is nothing before or after faith in Christ that can or needs to be added. You cannot earn or deserve salvation. You cannot maintain your salvation. It was completed on the cross. You willingly accept it, that is trust in Jesus Christ as your Substitute for the payment of the penalty for your sins. But what happens when people take a gift for granted? They become complacent, lethargic, and lazy. They think they have salvation, their fire insurance, so they’re waiting for the rapture! And confusion has permeated the church and in the last 60 years. People reacted saying, “People should be working for the Lord Jesus!” And I agree with that, but not with the change of doctrine. Continue reading

MSG: Salvation Truth – John 6:29

This was presented on October 5, 2014 as a special message on salvation.

I grew up in the church and was even president of my confirmation class. When I gave the graduating class message, a woman came up to me and said I was going to be a pastor one day. I almost laughed at her, because that was the furthest thing from my mind. Well, it was religiosity that held my life captive. I was confused trying to be a good boy and do what people said. Continue reading

MSG: God’s Will: The Way of Wisdom – Ephesians 5:15-17

This is the fifth message on God’s Will.

Do you remember the story of Ruth? Naomi was married to Elimelech, who left Israel because of a famine and they moved to Moab with their two sons Mahlon and Chilion, who married Orpah and Ruth. Well, all the men died in that foreign land and Naomi heard there was bread again in Israel, so she told her two daughters-in-law that she was going to return to Israel. Orpah and Ruth wanted to go with Naomi, but Naomi gave a logical, humanistic response, “Why come with me? I can’t provide you husbands. Stay here with your families.” Orpah chose to do the logical thing and kissed Naomi good-bye. Most people would. It made sense, because her other relatives were all in Moab. Continue reading