Book Review: National Sunday Law By A. Jan Marcussen

“National Sunday Law” is a book I received in the mail and it said 39. 2 million were in print. So with that many printed, I thought I would quickly read through it. It is printed by the Orthodox Christian Church publication ministry called New Life Publications and Marcussen is a Seventh-Day Adventist minister (researched after reading the book).

The book describes a warning to Christians to return to Sabbath worship and escape from the Catholic Church. While Marcussen uses Scripture for his arguments, Continue reading


Book Review: Joseph: From Pit to Pinnacle by Charles Swindoll

“Joseph” is a tremendously well written, concise study for small groups or individuals who need a lift in the midst of a discouraging world. Whether dealing with rejection, mistreatment or disrespect, the account of Joseph will restore your faith in the gracious, faithfulness of the Lord Jesus Christ. Joseph receives the most attention in the book of Genesis and rightly so, because he is a wonderful type of the Lord Jesus Christ who forgives and who is lifted from the pit to the pinnacle of the universe. Continue reading

Book Review: How do We Know the Bible is True? Vol. 2 by Ken Ham & Bodie Hodge

“How Do We Know the Bible Is True” is an outstanding resource providing layperson explanations for 31 topics about the Bible. The culture around us continues to question authority, whether it is questioning the police or the politicians who are supposed to represent us. The reason is that they are merely mimicking the cultural questioning of the authority of Scripture. Continue reading

Book Review: The Bible by Answers in Genesis

“The Bible” is a short book describing how we can know the Bible can be trusted. It read similar to Josh McDowell’s “Evidence that Demands a Verdict,” but much more simplistic. Each topic gives substantiating evidence for the authenticity and sufficiency of Scripture. This is an excellent resource for a new Christian to become grounded in the essential characteristics of the Bible. Continue reading

Book Review: Noah’s Ark by Answers in Genesis

“Noah’s Ark,” collaborated by Answers in Genesis’ staff is an excellent, concise, biblical and scientific look at the Genesis 6 Noahic Flood, specifically the Ark. If proof of Noah’s Ark were confirmed it would substantiate Scripture’s historicity yet again and be a warning of the global flood catastrophe that established billions of dead things laid down by water all over the earth. It would establish that the fossil records were not derived by a slow process of millions of years that evolutionists and humanists purport in inaccurate assessment of the geologic evidence. Continue reading

Book Review: A Young Earth: Evidence that supports the Biblical perspective by Answers in Genesis

“A Young Earth” is described as a pocket guide to evidence that supports the Biblical perspective. It is a 96 page, small print booklet packed with great information about the reality that the earth is “young,” as in around 6000 years, rather than the “old earth” view of Evolution, which says the earth is about 4.5 billion years. Continue reading

Book Review: The New Answers Book 1 – Ken Ham General Editor

“The New Answers Book: 1” is an outstanding compilation of excellent questions related to the Evolution/ Creation discussion. The book contains 27 articles written by 12 expert authors that wisely defend the Biblical view of how the world began, and the Bible as the accurate account of that beginning. This volume provides a wealth of knowledge needed in every home library for answering questions which are on the minds of our “Greek” world (a world which lacks understanding of the framework of God, sin and death, in contrast to the Jewish world). Continue reading

Book Review: Begin by Ken Ham and Bodie Hodge

“Begin” by Ken Ham and Bodie Hodge from Answers in Genesis is a great beginner book for new Christians and those who may question the veracity of the creation account.  Ken Ham and his son-in-law Bodie Hodge have teamed up to organize a simple, yet powerful book to  settle the hearts of new believers and anyone who may question the Genesis account of creation. Continue reading