Q&A: Training Your Replacements: Honor Your Boss for Jesus’ sake 1 Tim. 6:1-5

The below includes suggested answers to the Message Based Discussion Questions for the message presented on Jun. 15, 2014. The suggested answers are personal and designed to stimulate thinking, not prevent it. Use in order to foster a better discussion in your group.

Genesis 2:15

How should you work on your job?

1) Honor Your Supervisor like you would honor Jesus 6:1-2 Continue reading

MSG: Training Your Replacements: Honor Your Boss for Jesus’ Sake 1 Tim. 6:1-5

This message was presented on June 15, 2014 as part of the 1 Timothy series.

My granddaughter Sarah, will often say, “Grandpa, look at my picture!”  I’ll respond, “Good job, Sarah!” Then her sister Emma will say, “Grandpa, look at MY picture!” And I’ll say, “Emma, that is very good!” Then at times Sarah will say, “Grandpa, do you want me to show you my new dance?” And of course, I’ll say, “Sarah, that would be great!” And after affirming her, her little sister Emma, will say, “Grandpa, watch my new dance!” And she’ll try something similar. Continue reading

MSG: Train Your Replacements: How to Disciple Worship: 1 Timothy 2:13-15

This message was presented on February 9, 2014 as part of the series on 1 Timothy.

Some members of a certain church denomination were discussing whether or not the church should ordain women as pastors. During this discussion, a man jumped to his feet and said, “We should ordain women as pastors because they are just as bright as men.” A few people said, “Here, here.” Another commented, “We have women doctors and women lawyers, so why should we not also have women pastors?” A few more said, “Here, here.” Another yelled, “Women are equal to men and therefore they should be pastors.”  Continue reading

Insights: Authority of God

The messages for the State of the Church focused on the “Authority of God,” especially in His Word. Authority is like a flywheel between the engine and transmission on a stick shift vehicle. It keeps the organism (the drive train) running smoothly and shifts the Christian life into higher stages of spiritual growth, just like the gears on many cars! Yet it is also the ingredient that the flesh consciously and subconsciously resists, “because the mind set on the flesh is hostile toward God.” (Rom 8:7) Continue reading

Book Review: The Lie: Evolution/Millions of Years by Ken Ham

“The Lie: Evolution/Millions of Years” by Ken Ham is a must read reality check.  Having read the first edition fifteen years ago, the 25th Anniversary Edition was a tremendous refocus on the essence of the battle raging in America. Most of the issues Christians seem to fight are merely symptoms of the real issue, which is the bombardment and destruction of the foundation of Christianity –God’s Word. Continue reading