Book Review: Best Evidences: Science and the Bible Refute Millions of Years by Answers in Genesis

“Best Evidences” is clear, objective and well-documented with evidence that demonstrates the earth is young (around 6000 years) and Scripture is Truth. It demonstrates how the “old earth” philosophy is an attack on the character of God and is incompatible with a literal historic-grammatical approach to Scripture.

“Best Evidences” demonstrates that the real issue is “millions of years.” If we can show the earth is only thousands of years old, then evolution is proven to be the myth that it is. Why? It is a myth, because there are not billions of years for the false premises, it declares, to possibly work, which they can’t even if given billions of years.

Ken Ham in his chapter, “The Best Proof of Creation,” points out several evidences that show evolution is unreliable. For example, “Human and dinosaur footprints found together at the Paluxy River in Texas, the small accumulation of moon dust found by the Apollo astronauts, a supposed human handprint found in the “dinosaur-age rock,” and a dead “plesiosaur” caught near New Zealand. Both the evolutionist and the creationist use the same evidence. However, the creationist begins with the presupposition that the Bible is true and the evolutionist rejects God and suppresses the Truth.  As Ken Ham writes,

…evolutionists believe that, over millions of years, one kind of animal has changed into a totally different kind. However, creationists, based on the Bible’s account of origins, believe that God created separate kinds of animals and plants to reproduce their own kind; therefore, one kind will not turn into a totally different kind. (p. 14)

The key is that this can be tested in the present. The Truth is scientific observations support that changes do not create new information. Information is only a sorting, shuffling, or degrading it. (p. 14) We are like Job, we know next to nothing compared to God (Job 42:2-6).

Then Andrew Snelling, David Menton, Danny Faulkner and Georgia Purdom present “10 Best Evidences from Science that Confirm a Young Earth.” These remarkable explanations argue against millions of years: 1) Very little sediment on the seafloor; 2) Bent rock layers; 3) Soft tissue in fossils; 4) Faint sun paradox; 5) Rapidly decaying magnetic field; 6) Helium in radioactive rocks; 7) Carbon-14 in fossils, coal and diamonds; 8) Short-lived comets; 9) Very little salt in the sea; and 10) DNA in “ancient” bacteria.

Did you know the moon is moving away from the earth at a rate of 1.5 inches per year? Don DeYoung and Jason Lisle record how astronomy confirms a young universe. At the moon separation rate, it would have been touching the earth only 1.5 billion years ago. Of course it didn’t, but it shows the universe cannot be more than 1.5 billion years-old. They also look at several other astronomical phenomena that demonstrate the universe must be much younger than touted.

Finally, Ham and Mortenson explain why it is important to start with mutually agreed definitions, before discussing creation versus millions of years. The evolutionist uses different definitions and unproved theories that if not clarified waste the creationist’s time arguing what the evolutionist denies. Additionally, Larry Pierce records how Bishop Ussher derived the date of B.C. October 23, 4004 for the time the earth was created.  The exact date is less important than understanding the derivation and the authority ascribed to Scripture.

This is well worth the read and will build confidence for every Christian seeking to defend the faith (Jude 3).


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