Book Review: The Kaizen Way by Robert Maurer

The Kaizen Way by Robert Maurer is a quick read for dealing with big problems.  I remember being overwhelmed by several papers during college and once I started writing, even if what I wrote was thrown out, the paper started flowing.  It was that initial step to get the process going that mattered.  However, many people are neutralized on the first step and fail to attempt what they really want to do. Continue reading


Book Review: The Secure Home by Joel M. Skousen

This was the second book loaned to me to get my take on Joel Skousen as an author and projector of sound advice (the first was Strategic Relocation).  This tome (683 pages) is not for the weekend reader of fiction books.  Skousen is an expert on preparation.  He’s devoted his life to preparing for any situation, most of which has not happened and may never happen.  However, for those who may see smoke on the horizon, and a building project in the future, Skousen provides a plethora of ideas on how to be wise about your home investment. Continue reading

Book Review: Strategic Relocation by Joel Skousen

I was loaned this book to read and found it most interesting.  Skousen seems to ask the question, “Considering multiple threats to our wellbeing…and the political, economic and social environments, where is the best place to live?”  Skousen doesn’t just point to a specific location.  Instead he gives a strategic analysis of global geopolitics, geography and climate, freedoms and politics, crime and standard of living concerns and prospects for war, invasion and potential terrorism.  This is not for the timid of heart. Continue reading

Book Review: Heaven has Blue Carpet by Sharon Niedzinski

“Heaven Has Blue Carpet” is a refreshing reminder of how we are like sheep and the love the Good Shepherd has for us all. Sharon and Ron Niedzinski left the suburban lifestyle to buy their dream farm and Sharon raised sheep for 16 years. She was able to weave a wonderful and warm account of her love for sheep in a story line that pulls on your “heart-strings.” She invites you to read the next chapter with anticipation of adventure, learning and laughter. Continue reading

Book Review: Staying Positive in a Negative World by Roger Campbell

“Staying Positive in a Negative World” is a must read. Everywhere you turn, you see, hear and are bombarded by negativity. Negativity sells on the local and national news. It sells on the local and national radio stations. People are interested in the bad news for some reason. It stirs up the emotions of fear, anger and apprehension. It causes us to wonder how it will affect us! Continue reading

Book Review: The RV Book by Mark Polk

“The RV Book” is a choice resource for anyone who is considering an RV – Recreational Vehicle. Yes, I’ve considered one and a good friend loaned me this book to improve my situational awareness. Whether you are considering, in the process of buying or have recently purchased a “pusher,” travel trailer, fifth wheel trailer or pop up camper, this book has an excellent overall look at the options. Continue reading

Book Review: Making Peace with Reality by Jerry White

“Making Peace with Reality” is a well organized book by a retired military officer, who has trained with the best, seen the chaos of life and learned how to overcome the traumas of life to gain and sustain peace. God created us for the Garden of Eden, but the fall created the chaos that we live in now and human efforts only complicate that reality. Continue reading

Book Review: Burned Out? By Winston Smith


“Burned Out?” is an excellent  short booklet for those of us, who fill our world with so many lists that we don’t realize how exhausted we are. Smith deals with the inability to rest and an overloaded schedule.  Instead of giving a organizational structure, so that a person might add more things, Smith looks at the heart issues of guilt and comparison that drive a person to busyness. Continue reading

Book Review: Finding the Will of God by Bruce Waltke


“Finding the Will of God” is another excellent analysis of God’s view from Scripture on determining the “Will of God.” In many ways, like “Decision  Making and the Will of God” by Gary Friesen, Waltke disposes the traditional view of determining the exact “dot” of the precise, specific will of God in life. God is not concerned with what socks you wear or what car you buy, except as it relates to Biblical principles of stewardship, etc. Continue reading

Book Review: Borderline Personality by Cathy Wiseman

“Borderline Personality” is a short booklet on an extremely important topic. There is a secular approach, which identified the title “Borderline Personality,” and Wiseman takes the secular title, description and looks at what the real heart demand is. Borderline Personality is a feeling-centered way of life characterized by frantic efforts to avoid abandonment, disturbances that “cause” instability, extreme idealization and devaluation, angry outbursts, paranoid ideation and impulsivity. Wiseman focuses on what kinds of things trigger the feelings and reactions, but then looks at what the real heart demand is and compares what God says in Scripture. Continue reading