Q&A: Salvation Truth – John 6:29

These are suggestions to the Message Based Discussion Questions from the message presented on October 5, 2014 “Salvation Truth.” Please use to stimulate your thinking, but not to replace it.

Galatians 1:1-9

Why is there confusion over the gospel? Continue reading

MSG: Salvation Truth – John 6:29

This was presented on October 5, 2014 as a special message on salvation.

I grew up in the church and was even president of my confirmation class. When I gave the graduating class message, a woman came up to me and said I was going to be a pastor one day. I almost laughed at her, because that was the furthest thing from my mind. Well, it was religiosity that held my life captive. I was confused trying to be a good boy and do what people said. Continue reading

Suffering: What are God’s purposes in why He allows suffering? Part 1

This is Part 1 of 8 parts answering the question, “What are God’s purposes in why He allows suffering?” in the larger question, “Why does a loving God allow suffering?” Parts 2-8 will be posted in succeeding days.

“Why?” is likely the most often used word when it comes to the anguish people face. From the human perspective suffering doesn’t make sense, but we are often looking at the situation from tree level.  It’s not until you get up to the 30,000 foot level that you can begin to understand the “why” of suffering, and understand God’s purposes in why He allows it!

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Question: Is a Faith a Work?

Recently, I was in a conversation with a person who held to a strict Calvinistic position. That is, he believed in the five point TULIP principles. During the conversation, we discussed Ephesians 2:8 and how the word “that” cannot refer to faith because of the Greek grammatical construction, but it must refer to “salvation,” which is elliptical (which means it is implied by the verb “saved”). As the discussion continued, I stated that faith was a non-meritorious decision.  There is no merit before God. Then he commented that a decision or faith is an action and salvation is not obtained by a work or an action. Continue reading

Does Luke’s writing hide the narrow road to salvation?

Question: I heard a message, which was on works.  It was from Luke.  Luke 18:18 / The Rich Ruler and Luke 10:25 / The Good Samaritan.  I’ve been searching the Scriptures for other Words about eternal life and Luke seems to be the only Book I can find where works could be taken to be the way to eternal life.  Continue reading