Book Review: Noah’s Ark by Answers in Genesis

“Noah’s Ark,” collaborated by Answers in Genesis’ staff is an excellent, concise, biblical and scientific look at the Genesis 6 Noahic Flood, specifically the Ark. If proof of Noah’s Ark were confirmed it would substantiate Scripture’s historicity yet again and be a warning of the global flood catastrophe that established billions of dead things laid down by water all over the earth. It would establish that the fossil records were not derived by a slow process of millions of years that evolutionists and humanists purport in inaccurate assessment of the geologic evidence.

Noah’s Ark answers many important questions related to the Biblical account. For example, Ken Ham and Tim Lovett answer the question, “Can we really believe the Biblical account of Noah’s Ark?” John Woodmorappe looks at the question, “How could it hold all those animals?” and “How could Noah care for all of them?” Tim Lovett worked with research from Dr. Sean Won Hong, who was principal research scientist on Noah’s Ark in Daejeon, South Korea on what kind of Ark design would be the best. They compared the kind of structure that would be best for 1) maximum stability, 2) Maximum strength, and 3) maximum comfort to derive the balance of all three, which was the shape designed by God (p. 36), and answer the question, “What did Noah’s Ark look like?”

John Morris, who led expeditions to Mount Ararat dealt with the question, “Has Noah’s Ark Been Found?” There have been great accounts on what some explorers have reported, but so far no actual evidence of the Ark or wood fragments that could be identified back to the Ark.

Paul Taylor looked at the question, “How did Kangaroos get to Australia?” Too many skeptics begin with man’s finite mind rather than the text God provided. Based on the Scripture, the staff from Answers in Genesis continue to research and communicate how God’s Scripture is not only probable, but true in fact and evidence.

Finally, Ken Ham addresses the importance of the rainbow and the reminder it conveys to every Christian and warning to every rejecter of Truth. The Ark is indeed a great picture of the Gospel and should be used as a picture of God’s grace and provision even in the warning of impending disaster. Do not back away from the taunting of those who reject God’s Truth. Stand firmly on God’s authoritative Word with courtesy and confidence.


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