Book Review: “Global Warming” by Answers in Genesis

“Global Warming” is an objective analysis of the hype portrayed by many scientists, politicians and the media. It is objective, because it looks at the facts and takes out the scare tactics. It removes the personal agendas that some use to gain greater control over people and unknowingly, destroy small businesses.

Ken Ham, the president and CEO of Answers in Genesis, assembled a group of experts to look at the evidence and hype and compare it to Biblical perspectives. Ken appreciates the concern everyone should have for the environment, but dissects the motivations behind the hype.  He notes all creation belongs to the Lord (Ps. 95:5; 24:1) and acknowledges God’s mandate for man to have dominion over the world (Gen. 1:26; 2:15). He wisely calls us to be aware that God is concerned for even a sparrow (Matt. 6:28-29), let alone all people! But he also warns that the earth will grow old like a garment (Is. 51:6), because it has been cursed (Gen. 3:17-19) as a result of Adam’s original sin.  He warns us to understand definitions and what people are really saying, because any man-made declaration can be taken to the extreme (like don’t cut down trees) and actually cause greater problems with the environment. We need to use discernment for the sake of God’s glory.

A former staff member with Answers in Genesis, Melinda Christian, gives a concise, well presented address of the false claims regarding global warming.  She acknowledges the debate is complex and many have abused it from both sides. She also acknowledges, as do all the authors, that global warming is happening, but the global surface temperatures have only risen by 1.7oF since 1880. She also addresses false claims – “We are causing global warming,” “Global warming will cause many animals and plants to go extinct,” “The oceans will rise dramatically in the next century,” and “Global warming will cause more weather catastrophes.” Regarding the rise in the ocean, the hyped 2006 Oscar-winning documentary “An Inconvenient Truth,” as well as other sources have made claims that the oceans will rise by 20 feet! Those claims have progressively become less dramatic. For example, the UN Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change estimates that ocean levels will rise “only” about 16 inches during this century. (p. 22)

Michael Oard is a retired meteorologist with an MS in atmospheric science. He addresses “Human-Caused Global Warming Slight So Far” and another chapter entitled “How Much Global Warming Is Natural?” Both of these use charts go back hundreds of years and affirm that temperatures are rising, but this is caused by global temperatures going in cycles and there is no evidence of a guilty human footprint. He helps us see that as the temperatures go up, there are consequences that will bring the temperatures down. His bottom line is, “There is a good chance that man can do nothing or only very little to change the manmade portion, even if he spent what alarmists suggest, to “fight” global warming (although we should always have been and should continue to be good stewards of the resources God has provided us).” (p. 50)

Larry Vardiman is chairman of the Astro-geophysics department at Answers in Genesis with a PhD in Atmospheric Science. He affirms that there has been “short-term” global warming over the last 30-50 years, but the evidence of whether man is causing this warming is inconclusive and there are not even any “natural” known causes. He identifies several possible causes, but they would need more research to prove it conclusive. He wrote, “Earth has a stable environmental system with many built-in feedback systems to maintain a uniform climate. It was designed by God and has only been dramatically upset by catastrophic events like the Genesis Flood.” (pp. 58-59).

The book concludes with the transcript from a 48-minute documentary, “Global Warming – A scientific and biblical expose of climate change.” The eleven participants all hold PhDs for their expertise (Although, George Taylor does not have a PhD, but has an MS in Meteorology, was employed by the North American Weather Consultants and Environmental Research and Technology and has written more than 200 symposium and journal articles for publication).

I applaud Answers in Genesis for their impartiality and fairness in dealing with global warming.


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