MSG: Law or Grace Giving – 2

This message was presented on August 18, 2013 as an addendum to the Malachi Series. 

Giving USA, a non-profit foundation that studies philanthropy in the United States, in its 2008 report found 33.4% of estimated total giving, $103.32 billion, went to houses of worship and denominational organizations in 2007. Continue reading


Q & A: Law or Grace Giving – 1

These suggested answers are provided for the Message Based Discussion Questions from the message presented on August 11, 2013. They are provided as a stimulus to your thinking, not as a replacement of your thinking.  There are several additional ways to answer many of the questions.  The outline of the message is provided first.

Law or Grace Giving

Malachi compared to the New Testament

How do I know what to give? Continue reading

MSG: Fear Him not; Fear Him: Malachi 3:13 – 4:3

God has blessed America like no other nation has been blessed.  We were founded by the light of truth. Our founding fathers loved God’s Word and established a constitution that reflected integrity, checks and balances and vision for a people who wanted freedom from tyranny and opportunity to see their dreams become a reality.

Israel was also founded on truth.  God established Israel through the Abrahamic Covenant and Israel continued to grow in might and influence, until Solomon’s dedication of the temple. Continue reading

MSG: No Profit from the Prophet

This message was presented on July 14, 2013 as a part of a series on Malachi.

No Profit from the Prophet
Malachi 3:6-15 
W. B. Riley told the story of a man who had walked the streets of Philadelphia searching for employment.  One day he happened to go into the office of a well-known businessman by the name of Girard.  When he asked for a job, Mr. Girard answered. “Yes, I can give you work.  See that pile of bricks out there?  Carry them over to the other end of the yard and stack them up.”    Continue reading