Book Review: The Bible by Answers in Genesis

“The Bible” is a short book describing how we can know the Bible can be trusted. It read similar to Josh McDowell’s “Evidence that Demands a Verdict,” but much more simplistic. Each topic gives substantiating evidence for the authenticity and sufficiency of Scripture. This is an excellent resource for a new Christian to become grounded in the essential characteristics of the Bible.

Brian Edwards addresses why there are 66 books included in Scripture and not others. This is important for Catholic friends who believe that the books of the Apocrypha should be included. Paul Taylor asks, “Is the Bible Enough?” and explains the sufficiency of Scripture. This is extremely important in grasping the authority of God’s Word in the Bible. Taylor also answers the question, “Isn’t the Bible full of contradictions?” by giving several alleged examples of contradictions, logical fallacies and change of the use of words in the English language.

Bodie Hodge tackles whether other religious writings are from God or not. He concisely compares the Bible with the Koran and Mormon writings to reveal disagreement with Scripture and contradictions in the anti-Biblical writings. Just as Martin Luther called the church to a reformation in 1517, Ken Ham calls the church to a new reformation to the authority of God’s Word, beginning with acceptance and promotion of the literalness of Genesis 1-11.  The Christianity ship of America will sink if we do not return to those moorings. And Stacia McKeever answers the question, “What is a Biblical Worldview?” She walks through the 7 C’s of history to show foundational importance of how the Bible connects to the world.

Read this and then make it available to others.


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