Book Review: The Human Body by Answers in Genesis

“The Human Body” is one of those favorite humbling books that gives cause for rejoicing in God’s perfect design of the human body. It is incomprehensible how foolish people can be to believe the lie that man was formed over millions of years by chance, random selection and death. The body has an incredible design, especially in its birth.

Each of the writers takes a Scriptural position of God’s fearful and wonderful design of the human body, not just in bone or hand abilities, but in the brain, eyes and skin. David Menton highlights “Bones – God’s Living Girders” are ounce for ounce, a most incredible structure for allowing man to grow and be mobile, as well as heal itself when damaged. The osteoblasts (bone makers) and osteoclasts (bone breakers) are an incredible design by God.

David DeWitt explains how the brain knows when to shut down pain and when to release it, as in combat and then afterward. And the evolutions call that random chance? The design of billions of neurons, which compose the adult brain, which can make tens of thousands of connections on its own as it learns, grows and adjusts to new means of adaptation and functioning is astounding!

Some evolutionary scientists criticize the eye design, failing to understand God’s genius of creation and function. David Menton describes the brilliant, mind boggling details of how fine the eye adapts to vision as well as its ability of self-cleaning, wiping and washing the eye and how utterly amazing the placement of each individual part.

The heart is also incredible. Heather Bruce answers how something that can never take a break and stop for a rest, continue to beat almost 100,000 times each day? Wouldn’t it wear out or burn up from too much friction? Yet, God designed it for both. The heart pumps one way until birth (it doesn’t have to pump into the lungs before birth, because the nutrition and cleansing comes from the placenta) and then pumps in two directions at birth (because it now must pump to the lungs and out to the body at the same time!). And it knows what to do in order to accomplish both missions. People want to call that random selection?

The human skin is an amazing protection organ and the melanin serves as a fascinating umbrella for protection from harmful UV rays. David Menton explains that I really haven’t lost all my hair, it’s just lighter and different. And did you know why it doesn’t just fall out? What about the index finger and the marvel of the placenta that serves us during the time in the womb? These are fascinating chapters!

Evolution could never have gone from the simple to the complexity of the human body. The DNA structure is far too complex, especially when mutations are dysfunctional and erode complexity. The human body is certainly fearfully and wonderfully made and the Creator is worthy of our marvel. Pick up the book for encouragement of what you have, even if yours seems to be falling apart. Praise God, if you are a Christian, you have a new resurrection body coming!


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