Philippians Introduction

Outline of Philippians

  • Standing firm growing in Christ 1
  • Standing firm orienting to Christ 2
  • Standing firm knowing Christ 3  
  • Standing firm serving Christ 4 

What does it take to grow? What kind of environment do you need?

  • People 1:1
  • Peace 1:2
  • Pleasure 1:3
  • Prayer 1:4-5
  • Providence 1:6


  • Every believer matters.
  • God doesn’t need my help fixing believers.
  • Have confidence in the Lord that HE will continue the growth process.
  • Have confidence that He will continue that work in you. 


  • Distinguish deacons, overseers, and saints (1:1). Why did Paul not use the word: apostle? 
  • Based on this passage what should give us confidence of growing in Christ?
  • Why did Paul have great appreciation and rapport with the Philippian church (1:5,7)?What is the good work in 1:5?
  • How can you have confidence in God’s plan, will and purpose for your life? How do you get out of the comfort zone and try new things?