Book Review: Four Views of Divine Providence by Dennis W. Jowers, ed.

I appreciate books that provide different views on theological issues.  (see my discussion on “Are Miraculous Gifts for Today?”  Wayne Grudem, ed.)  It’s important for objectivity to hear, read and understand opposing arguments or approaches to issues facing Christians today.  That challenge is to find people who will communicate in an understandable way and be objective themselves.  In this volume, there are four authors approaching Divine Providence: God causes all things,  by Paul Kjoss Helseth; God directs all things, by William Lane Craig; God controls by liberating, by Ron Highfield; and God limits His control, by Gregory A. Boyd.  Continue reading

Legalism versus Living under the Law of Christ: Truth

Legalism was a big religious word in the 60s and 70s. I remember the expression, “Don’t drink or chew or go with the girls who do.” Fortunately, there is no legalism today, or is there? Continue reading

Book Review: An Examination of Dispensationalism by William E. Cox

It’s obvious that William Cox loves the Lord and is personally committed to rightly divide the Word of Truth from his perspective.  He no doubt understands salvation, grace, the holiness of God and wants to do what is right.  According to Cox, he used to believe in Dispensationalism, but laid it aside for Reformed Theology. According to him, he says he saw too many inconsistencies in Dispensationalism.  His argument seems to be to expose the “bad” character of Darby as the “founder” of Dispensationalism and thus declare Dispensationalism as wrong. Continue reading

God’s Patient Blessing: Truth

There are people like David, whom God continued to honor, in spite of his sins. David wasn’t perfect, but there was something about David’s life that God continued to honor and hold as a standard of dependency on God and humility.  Then there are people, like Pharoah, that God uses to show how dumb people can be and how powerful He is.  Then people are in the spectrum in between and there is a spectrum of how much He blesses people, like Israel going into the land. Israel didn’t obey the Lord completely, so we read in Judges that God draws a line, Continue reading

Truth: Angelic Appeal Trial Coming

In a few short weeks, I’ll begin writing about the Angelic Appeal Trial. It will include a study of angels, the Divine trial that is going on right now and how you and I are part of that appeal trial. The existence of angels is not questioned by most people. However, there are many liberal theologians who conclude that the representations of angels in the Bible are merely poetic devices for the superstitions prevalent in that day. Continue reading

Truth: Canonicity Part 8

This is Part 8 of 9 parts answering the basic and very important question, “What does Canonicity mean and why is it important?” Part 9 will be posted tomorrow.

In review of Canonicity: Canonicity Discovered and Distinctions.

  • God determines Canon, the church discovers Canon.
  • God is the author of Canon, the church is the recipient of Canon.
  • God is the judge of Canon, the church is the witness of Canon.
  • God is the master of Canon, the church is servant of Canon.

Why are these extra-biblical writings, like the Apocrypha (and the Pseudepigrapha), not considered part of the Canon? Reading through the various writings and books, it may not seem like all the books were that different. However, Continue reading