Book Review: Apemen: Separating fact from fiction by Answers in Genesis

“Apemen” is a concise Biblical answer to the erroneous evolutionary view of millions of years for man to evolve from apes. The answers given in each chapter address separate questions posed because of the desire people have to understand their origin while suppressing the truth of their origin in God.

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Book Review: Charles Darwin: His life and impact by Answers in Genesis

The book “Charles Darwin” succinctly describes the master proponent for evolution. It not only describes Darwin, but also addresses several questions that arise because of his work. There are four chapters on Darwin and three chapters answering questions most likely associated with the name of Darwin and evolution. Continue reading

Book Review: Best Evidences: Science and the Bible Refute Millions of Years by Answers in Genesis

“Best Evidences” is clear, objective and well-documented with evidence that demonstrates the earth is young (around 6000 years) and Scripture is Truth. It demonstrates how the “old earth” philosophy is an attack on the character of God and is incompatible with a literal historic-grammatical approach to Scripture. Continue reading

Book Review: “Compromise – Refuting non-biblical interpretations of Genesis 1” by Answers in Genesis

“Compromise” is a concise defense regarding several erroneous, non-biblical interpretations of Genesis 1. Ken Ham, Terry Mortenson and Werner Gift address three prominent views creationists hold that compromise the natural, literal interpretation of Genesis 1 with the theory (and lie) of “millions and millions of years.” These three views hold to a Divine Creator, but seek to mesh this theory into an implausible explanation of Genesis 1. Continue reading

Book Review: A Young Earth: Evidence that supports the Biblical perspective by Answers in Genesis

“A Young Earth” is described as a pocket guide to evidence that supports the Biblical perspective. It is a 96 page, small print booklet packed with great information about the reality that the earth is “young,” as in around 6000 years, rather than the “old earth” view of Evolution, which says the earth is about 4.5 billion years. Continue reading

Book Review: The New Answers Book 1 – Ken Ham General Editor

“The New Answers Book: 1” is an outstanding compilation of excellent questions related to the Evolution/ Creation discussion. The book contains 27 articles written by 12 expert authors that wisely defend the Biblical view of how the world began, and the Bible as the accurate account of that beginning. This volume provides a wealth of knowledge needed in every home library for answering questions which are on the minds of our “Greek” world (a world which lacks understanding of the framework of God, sin and death, in contrast to the Jewish world). Continue reading

Book Review: Creation – Facts of Life by Gary Parker

“Creation – Facts of Life” by Gary Parker is an excellent testimony of how a man like Gary Parker, former evolutionist, tried for three years to prove evolution to creationist professors, but saw the light and now uses the facts to teach the Truth. Parker is an amazing source of wisdom as God has taken a man who was well-trained in evolution and now is able to defend the Truth of Scripture.  His Biology and Geology degrees make him an expert in proving Evolution wrong! Continue reading