Book Review: National Sunday Law By A. Jan Marcussen

“National Sunday Law” is a book I received in the mail and it said 39. 2 million were in print. So with that many printed, I thought I would quickly read through it. It is printed by the Orthodox Christian Church publication ministry called New Life Publications and Marcussen is a Seventh-Day Adventist minister (researched after reading the book).

The book describes a warning to Christians to return to Sabbath worship and escape from the Catholic Church. While Marcussen uses Scripture for his arguments, Continue reading


Q & A: Law or Grace Giving – 1

These suggested answers are provided for the Message Based Discussion Questions from the message presented on August 11, 2013. They are provided as a stimulus to your thinking, not as a replacement of your thinking.  There are several additional ways to answer many of the questions.  The outline of the message is provided first.

Law or Grace Giving

Malachi compared to the New Testament

How do I know what to give? Continue reading

Legalism vs. Law

Paul warned that there is one solution to legalism – knowing and living under the rulership of Jesus Christ, because he made us alive with Him having wiped out the requirements against us (Col. 2:11-15).  So Paul continues don’t let someone cheat you from your reward by imposing commandments and doctrines of men on you (Col. 2:16-23).   Therefore live by dependency on Christ, not man-made legalisms.

As you went over the questions on the back of the insert, did you understand the Laws of Liberty, Love, Sacrifice and Accommodation?  Did you understand how they are related to the Law of Christ?  And how they are not legalism?  These are important to understand, because you can almost get the idea that “law” is a bad word.  Context is key to understanding all principles of Scripture.

Legalism is not a word found in Scripture, like “trinity.”  Legalism refers to any addition, subtraction, twisting, or distorting of Scripture established by man that focuses a person on the action rather than his relationship with Jesus Christ.  We’ll look at this specifically on Sunday when we look at “What does Scripture teach about a legalist?”   We’ll also see how any Christian can fall into legalism.  Can you?