Book Review: A Young Earth: Evidence that supports the Biblical perspective by Answers in Genesis

“A Young Earth” is described as a pocket guide to evidence that supports the Biblical perspective. It is a 96 page, small print booklet packed with great information about the reality that the earth is “young,” as in around 6000 years, rather than the “old earth” view of Evolution, which says the earth is about 4.5 billion years. The book is produced and published by Answers in Genesis, so you know it is based on a Biblical view that accords with a literal, natural interpretation of Scripture.

There are eight excellent articles in defense of the Biblical view.  There are articles entitled: “Problems with the Assumptions,” “Making Sense of the Patterns,” “Doesn’t Carbon-14 Dating Disprove the Bible?” “Where Did the Idea of “Millions of Years” Come From?” “Raising the Bar on Creation Research,” “How Old is the Earth?” and “The Heavens Declare a Young Solar System.” Each article is well written from a scientific point of view, and most of the authors have a Ph.Ds.

The names of the authors are well known in the Creation Research field and most are teaching at the graduate level. They include Andrew Snelling; Mike Riddle; Terry Mortenson; Don DeYoung, Bodie Hodge and Ron Samec.

The content is technical, but easy to understand. The book is not for elementary students, but rather for high school students or above. This is an excellent resource to give to those with whom you may be discussing salvation, but who are holding onto an “old earth” view. This will not convince a person to believe in Jesus Christ for salvation, however, there is a great four page article on authority and why many reject the Bible. It will also shoot holes in the evolution argument and demonstrate that it is flawed in its assumptions and calculations.


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