Book Review: How do We Know the Bible is True? Vol. 2 by Ken Ham & Bodie Hodge

“How Do We Know the Bible Is True” is an outstanding resource providing layperson explanations for 31 topics about the Bible. The culture around us continues to question authority, whether it is questioning the police or the politicians who are supposed to represent us. The reason is that they are merely mimicking the cultural questioning of the authority of Scripture.

This is volume two, so many topics have already been addressed in volume one. Some of the great topics include: Who made God; where did God come from? How do I use the reality of Hell in evangelism? Hasn’t Bible text been changed over the years? Has Noah’s ark been found? Did the ten plagues of Egypt really happen?

Of course, as in all “Answers in Genesis” materials, the authors address topics about Evolution and millions of years. For example, there are three related topics, “What about Theistic Evolution?” “Radiocarbon Dating,” and “Radioactive Dating of Rocks.”

Additionally, there are many other questions regarding Scripture. For example, “Why is the Bible Unique?” “What is Apologetics- and Why Do it?” “Should We Trust the Findings of the Jesus Seminar?” “The ‘Missing’ Old Testament Books?” and “The ‘Missing’ New Testament Books?”

This is very much like a “Bible Introduction” book, like the Geissler and Nix volume. It also reminds me of Josh McDowell’s, “Evidence that demands a verdict.” All of these tools are important to prepare Christians to face the evil onslaught that questions the authority of Scripture. These Bible tools are great for apologetics or “giving an account of the hope that is in us!” Secure this volume and arm yourself with the Truth!


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