Book Review: Apemen: Separating fact from fiction by Answers in Genesis

“Apemen” is a concise Biblical answer to the erroneous evolutionary view of millions of years for man to evolve from apes. The answers given in each chapter address separate questions posed because of the desire people have to understand their origin while suppressing the truth of their origin in God.

David Menton answers the question, “Did Humans Really Evolve from Ape-like Creatures?” The depravity of man explains how an archaeologist might find a tooth and declare it came from a creature that existed millions of years before man evolved. It explains why someone would dye a bone fragment to make it look older than it is and conjure up a species that when tried was proven to clearly not be human. Menton demonstrates that evolution wrongly seeks to combine men and ape bones, make man out of apes and reduce fossilized human bones to ape-like characteristics.

Gary Parker continues this subject by looking at the fossil evidence for human beings. The work of those who declare the evolution of man has clearly been fraudulent. David DeWitt looks at how the DNA between humans and chimps is similar, but not equal. Marvin Lubenow discusses the Neanderthal Man was an ancestor, not an apeman. Interestingly, Neanderthals hunted, had bone tools and burial grounds. No apes followed those customs. A.P. Galling examines Ida, which was a lemur-like creature that is now extinct. It is certainly not the missing link to the human race.

The problem with evolution is that there are no transitory creatures that can link humans back to apes or any other creature. The reality is that if humans evolved from apes, then “might is right” and there is no basis for morality. Evolution is a LIE from the pit that will be exposed and Christians who worship the Lord Jesus should arm and prepare themselves to stand up for the truth.


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