Book Review: Borderline Personality by Cathy Wiseman

“Borderline Personality” is a short booklet on an extremely important topic. There is a secular approach, which identified the title “Borderline Personality,” and Wiseman takes the secular title, description and looks at what the real heart demand is. Borderline Personality is a feeling-centered way of life characterized by frantic efforts to avoid abandonment, disturbances that “cause” instability, extreme idealization and devaluation, angry outbursts, paranoid ideation and impulsivity. Wiseman focuses on what kinds of things trigger the feelings and reactions, but then looks at what the real heart demand is and compares what God says in Scripture.

Wiseman insightfully writes as though only some people have this, but the description basically fits anyone with a sin nature! In other words, you will gain from this no matter who you are.  Another helpful thread is how she assists the helper (counselor or friend) who is in the vicinity of the Borderline Personality (BP) to not take what is said personally. In fact, the helpers own emotions can trigger sinful responses if not alert to the BPs reactions. This is a “read-through-twice and study the extra Scripture passages” provided type of guide.


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