Book Review: The RV Book by Mark Polk

“The RV Book” is a choice resource for anyone who is considering an RV – Recreational Vehicle. Yes, I’ve considered one and a good friend loaned me this book to improve my situational awareness. Whether you are considering, in the process of buying or have recently purchased a “pusher,” travel trailer, fifth wheel trailer or pop up camper, this book has an excellent overall look at the options.

Polk is an effective writer and seemingly addresses an incredible amount of issues related to RVs. He writes for the basic reader, but addresses so many issues that an avid RV user will easily increase in understanding. He presents definitions, considerations before you buy, insurance awareness and options, system operations and RV safety considerations that any user would take years of use and experience to acquire on his own, but Polk makes the process easy written out already!

Polk also presents the details of how to buy an RV and why the right towing vehicle must be purchased based on the towing requirements and allowances. I appreciated the orderly arrangement and instruction on towing and preventative maintenance. His checklists for winterizing and storing are outstanding as well as Spring preparation. Finally his collection of RV tips offer tremendous lessons, learned from those who have made mistakes, so you don’t have to. I admit the book made me very cautious about considering an RV, but I’d rather learn the easy way from others than the school of hard knocks, which is too often the normal way of learning.



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