Book Review: Staying Positive in a Negative World by Roger Campbell

“Staying Positive in a Negative World” is a must read. Everywhere you turn, you see, hear and are bombarded by negativity. Negativity sells on the local and national news. It sells on the local and national radio stations. People are interested in the bad news for some reason. It stirs up the emotions of fear, anger and apprehension. It causes us to wonder how it will affect us!

Campbell is Biblical and practical. While the title put me off at first, because it reminded me of another author who seemed to go to the extreme of “positivity,” Campbell uses a great deal of Scripture to expose the negativity you might not be aware you are holding onto and promoting and challenge you to make a different choice – to live by faith in the Divine realm of what God can do to transform your thinking.

Too many Christians are robbed every day of the joy they have in the Lord Jesus and therefore become weakened in their ability to influence the world around them. They are neutralized, because the enemy has tempted them to look at their circumstances and individual struggles rather than the joy and hope that are found in the Lord Jesus. While life seems very long, there is actually no time for negativity.

If God blesses with 70 or 80 years, that is still too short to allow negativity to overshadow the Christian’s influence. Through the Lord Jesus, the Christian can overwhelmingly conquer every situation, for neither death, nor life, nor any other problem, challenge or circumstance can prevent God’s will from being accomplished in the life of the believer in the Lord Jesus. As Campbell writes, “Take the long look and don’t look back like Lot’s wife.” He writes, “Find your contentment in Jesus rather than the things of the world.”  You have everything you need within you as a Christian, so don’t let the world or the enemy rob you of the joy of following Jesus. Concentrate on giving to others, rather than getting from others.

I see and hear too many Christians complaining about any and everything. One day, every genuine Christian will be in heaven and they will hit the side of their head, once they get there, when they realize, “What was I thinking? This is too awesome! I should have trusted what the Word of God said!” Christians in heaven will say, “I thought I was living by faith, but then God will wipe that tear away and the everlasting joy will fill their heart as they worship the glorious Lord Jesus.

This is a short read (124 pages). I’d encourage you to get it and read it at least twice and then give a copy to someone else. In fact, do that today!


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