Book Review: Strategic Relocation by Joel Skousen

I was loaned this book to read and found it most interesting.  Skousen seems to ask the question, “Considering multiple threats to our wellbeing…and the political, economic and social environments, where is the best place to live?”  Skousen doesn’t just point to a specific location.  Instead he gives a strategic analysis of global geopolitics, geography and climate, freedoms and politics, crime and standard of living concerns and prospects for war, invasion and potential terrorism.  This is not for the timid of heart.  He does not pull any punches.  He is straight-forward in his assessments, but also is realistic regarding temporary and long-term objectives.

With this information, I would imagine many people would move if they could.  However, Skousen, citing the consequences of lack of planning for Y2K, warns against extreme moves because of fear.

His analysis includes world views of geography, politics, crime and standard of living and includes analyses on which countries offer safer advantages in a number of categories.  His possible scenario of how the start of the next world war will initiate and progress is certainly possible, but that is only one factor in making a decision on relocation if necessary. There are some advantages of some regions of the world, but the risk of moving out of the US is greater than staying put or re-locating to another region of continental USA.

His US analysis is much more detailed and helpful.  Frequency of natural disasters, including hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and volcanoes might provide a small amount of input. What is more helpful is the current tax structures, welfare, firearm rights and law regulations of individual states.  Additionally, population density may provide strategic input to a final decision. No small measure of information is given to schools, home school laws and even housing costs per each state.

His objectivity is seen in his consideration of financial planning and family and friend networks. He rightly places a high importance on who you know as well as what you know for future survival, if that is a concern.

The major portion of his work is devoted to regional analysis.  Regions and then state by state is explored and discussed in a host of helpful comparisons. It seems his chief concerns are population density, military targets, climate, growing opportunities, personal liberty and cost of living.  These and many others all need to be considered in a relocation.

Skousen scratches the surface regarding spiritual issues, primarily noting the diabolical scheme that is drawing the world to chaotic disruption sometime between 2015 and 2025 [his view].  His main concern is population density. There are several thoughts that likewise should be considered from a spiritual perspective.  First, if you leave population density, there will be fewer people to reach and disciple for Jesus Christ.  Secondly, moving to a “safe” zone may remove you from family networks, which support could be essential in a disaster.  Thirdly, if God calls you to remain in a specific location, you remain in place to demonstrate the glory of God through the disaster.  Fourthly, ministry could become exponential and greater opportunities for revival in a populated dense location if that is where the ministry opportunity exists.  All of these must be considered as well to determine God’s geographical will for your life.

I do not diminish anything Skousen has recorded, but fear can cause a person to move, unless it is clear a move must be completed.


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