Book Review: Ultimate Questions by John Blanchard

“Ultimate Questions” is an excellent introductory book to the Bible and Christianity. I received it from a recent church I visited. It makes a clear presentation of many initial questions a new believer would have or someone who is searching for answers. The purpose of the book is “Who is God and how do you relate to Him.”

“Ultimate Questions” helps a seeking person through a series of questions. The first question, “Is anyone there?” exposes the reality that we would not be asking the question if God did not exist and while it is impossible to “prove” God exists, the evidence is very convincing. The second question, “Is God speaking?” leads the reader to wonder how he should respond to God. The third question, “What is God like?” addresses what are God’s attributes. It describes His characteristics of being personal, oneness, spirit, eternal, holy, sovereign, etc.

Then the questions begin to ask “Who am I?” and “What went wrong?” These are excellent transition questions on the horizontal level to understand the problem that exists on the vertical plane. Two well answered questions are “Is sin serious?” and “Where do I go from here?” These are very important in our politically correct environment where the negative issues of sin and hell are often glossed over and God is made out to be a puff-boy. The question, “Can religion help?” answers how man’s normal manner to appease God is fruitless. That leaves man in a hopeless and helpless situation, so the question, “Is there an answer?” follows with the solution.

Finally, Blanchard answers why the cross is essential and how a person can be saved. He makes the statement “God will not forgive any sin you are not willing to forsake.” How does a brand new believer understand what this means? Assuming Blanchard is not saying a baby believer even understands what his sins are or just that he repents of the obvious and known sins, this is appropriate, but confusion can rise up if the intended meaning is understanding “forsaking all sins.” A baby believer has to learn what his sins are by someone who is discipling him. The final question, “Which way now?” addresses the need to grow up spiritually and not remain a spiritual babe. This booklet is something a Christian (or a church) can use for helping people get started in their walk with the Lord.


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