Book Review: Angelic Conflict: The Missing Link to Why Man Exists by Drue Freeman

“Angelic Conflict” is an incredible resource for Biblical study and personal growth. Over the last 32 years, Drue Freeman, a seasoned pastor, writer and missionary has compiled his personal study answering the question: “Why does man exist?”

After his introduction, Freeman focuses on four main questions: first, “Who is involved?” and includes background study on God, Satan, Angels and Man. Secondly, he answers the question, “What are the Similarities and Differences?” by making comparisons between each of the identities of the first section. Thirdly, he asks, “What Happened?” This is where the study becomes rich, deep and intriguing, especially in the spiritual realm of the angelic sphere. He addresses God’s decree, the fall of Satan and the angels and then addresses a subject very few have ever touched – Angelic salvation. Did all the angels fall? Does it matter? Was salvation offered to all the angels? How does the character of God provide a reasonable answer? And much more. Fourthly, Freeman then addresses “Why Man?” His insightful handling of the text provides a rich study for the answer, but also application for making choices in life.

In the third major section answering, “What Happened?” he extensively deals with the mechanics of angelic salvation. There have been other studies on angels (Billy Graham’s book of Angels, Merrill Unger’s book on the angelic realm and others) and there have been studies on the spiritual warfare of life (Donald Grey Barnhouse’s The Invisible War), but no one has dealt with this subject as thoroughly as Freeman. He addresses objections and problem passages as well.

This book is not for the timid or those who want an easy read. As Freeman states that the answer to the question of man’s existence is for the glory of God, wihch is correct, but woefully simplistic. The book is in outline form and he includes the Scripture text for each of the passages cited, which is very helpful.

You can order the book through his church, which is Trinity Bible Church in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma and his helpful website is


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