Book Review: What is Marriage? by Sherif Girgis, Ryan T. Anderson, and Robert P. George

What is Marriage? Man and Woman: A Defense, by Girgis et al, is a secular defense for traditional marriage.  It would seem difficult to leave the author of marriage, God, out of the picture on a defense for marriage, however, the authors have and provide many good points for their argument. Continue reading


Book Review: Forever & Always: No Matter What by Jeff and Erin Miller

Forever & Always: No Matter What by Jeff and Erin Miller is an excellent short book on how God can strengthen a marriage in spite of having an autistic child.  Their child, Owen, screamed for 18 hours a day and slept for six. That would test any marriage.  Jeff describes basic information about autism and then the struggles he faced with Erin in marriage. He also gives the real life story of how many ways other people lacked compassion for the few moments they were around Owen, not understanding autism or God’s plan with it.

Why did God allow Owen to be born with Autism?  Jeff and Erin accepted the sovereignty of God that it was their opportunity to glorify God through reflecting His love for Owen.  Jeff and then Erin reveal their heart for God, because they understand God’s heart for them.

Jeff and Erin are vulnerable as well as real.  They love Owen, because they love Owen.  They know God’s tremendous love for them.  So they accept Owen as a gift from God and are using the opportunity to raise Owen to the glory of God as well as equip others to honor the Lord in their challenges. 

This book is printed by Focus Publishing.

Book Review: Partners: Healing from His Addiction by Douglas Weiss

Partners: Healing from His Addition by Douglas Weiss is an accumulation of wives’ testimonies married to sexually dominated husbands.  The stories are moving and create a tremendous compassion for the pain that sexual immorality causes in homes across America.

I was asked to read this book for my perspective. This was helpful to get a clearer picture of the pain many wives live through because of the despicable deceit husbands dive into called sexual immorality.  The term “sexual immorality” needs to be very broad, because it’s not just an adulterous relationship, but it includes husbands who spiral down into pornography, prostitution, all forms of fornication, incest, mistresses as well as sexual abuse in his own marriage. Wives are in a very difficult position, because wired as responders and designed by God to support their husbands, many wives have not been discipled to know how to carefront their husbands in his sexual downward spiral.  A wife needs a good, mature Christian confidant who can guide her into Scripture to the freedom she can have in Christ alone.

There is a corresponding workbook called “Partner’s Recovery Guide: 100 Empowering Exercises.”  Many of the exercises are similar to the exercises discussed in the workbook, “A Christian Guide for Sex Addiction Recovery.”  There may be several exercises that could help a wife deal with her wayward husband.  However, there are many exercises completely dependent on Scripture that would avoid the infiltration of humanistic agenda.