Book Review: Forever & Always: No Matter What by Jeff and Erin Miller

Forever & Always: No Matter What by Jeff and Erin Miller is an excellent short book on how God can strengthen a marriage in spite of having an autistic child.  Their child, Owen, screamed for 18 hours a day and slept for six. That would test any marriage.  Jeff describes basic information about autism and then the struggles he faced with Erin in marriage. He also gives the real life story of how many ways other people lacked compassion for the few moments they were around Owen, not understanding autism or God’s plan with it.

Why did God allow Owen to be born with Autism?  Jeff and Erin accepted the sovereignty of God that it was their opportunity to glorify God through reflecting His love for Owen.  Jeff and then Erin reveal their heart for God, because they understand God’s heart for them.

Jeff and Erin are vulnerable as well as real.  They love Owen, because they love Owen.  They know God’s tremendous love for them.  So they accept Owen as a gift from God and are using the opportunity to raise Owen to the glory of God as well as equip others to honor the Lord in their challenges. 

This book is printed by Focus Publishing.

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