Discipling Marriages to Christ

Ephesians 5:15-21

 1. Wives are to reveal the church submitted to Christ 5:22-24

  1. Submit in a similar way you submit to the Lord 5:22
  2. Submit for one reason – God gave the role of leadership to the man 5:23
  3. Thus, like the church is submitted to Christ 5:24
  4. Application

  2. Husbands are to die for their wives to reveal Christ dying for the church 5:25-29

  1. Love – die for – your wife  how? 5:25
  2. Christ is working to sanctify and to cleanse with the washing of the Word 5:26
  3. Christ is preparing the church for himself – a glorious church 5:27
  4. Love your wife, like you already love yourself.5:28-29

3. Marriage reveals Christ’s relationship with the Church 5:30-33

  1. Members of the Body look out for each other and take care of each other 5:30
  2. As “one flesh” in picture, marriage is one flesh in all aspects 5:31
  3. Marriage is to reveal Christ and the church 5:32
  4. Admonition of love and respect 5:33


  • The purpose of marriage is to reveal the relationship between Christ at the church. The Lord Jesus has and does reveal His love, provision and protection for the church. The picture is how the church is to respond to Him.
  • The priority is not getting wives to submit to their husbands, but for husbands to love their wives, SO THAT wives will have a reason to submit to their husbands. But, as husbands are learning to do the command to love their wife, wives are commanded by God to submit to their own husband. The key is that they are one flesh, so when one misses the mark, the other is graciously believing the best and humbling self to Christ’s command.
  • Both parties must continue to learn their role throughout life, because as we change, we are tempted to become independent from each other and violate the “one flesh” picture. Better to honor God and fulfill your role, than throw off that role because of your partner’s failure. That doesn’t mean you become a rug, but you consider your spouse as a brother or sister in Christ and get church leadership involved to pray, counsel and nurture back to oneness.


  • Teach your daughters to marry a noble man, who is going to be able to lead them spiritually, in grace, tenderness and with servant leadership. Marriage is not about me (self), but about Christ Jesus, the Lord.
  • Teach your sons self-control and godliness, so that they will be able to model Christ’s work of sanctifying the marriage in holiness to God’s picture of Christ and the church.
  • Teach both the principles of humility, orientation to authority and obedience to God’s will, walking in love, light and wisdom.

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