Book Review: The Lie: Evolution/Millions of Years by Ken Ham

“The Lie: Evolution/Millions of Years” by Ken Ham is a must read reality check.  Having read the first edition fifteen years ago, the 25th Anniversary Edition was a tremendous refocus on the essence of the battle raging in America. Most of the issues Christians seem to fight are merely symptoms of the real issue, which is the bombardment and destruction of the foundation of Christianity –God’s Word.

The enemy’s attack has not been subtle, and Christians have not been alert to the ramifications. The attack is to compromise God’s Word through the “scientific” rationalizations of “millions of years” or “old earth” teaching. In fact, very intelligent and godly Christian leaders have too often compromised the creation account and thus relinquished the authority of God’s Word for absolute Truth and interpretation for Biblical principles over every area of life.

Ham’s presentation sounds the alarm to the massive attack on the authority of Scripture. As he states in the later chapters, the issue is not even “Evolution” as much as “millions of years” (p. 203). People have heard the banner cry of millions of years so many times in school, colleges, the news and other media outlets, that it is accepted as fact (pp. 43-44).  Additionally, many compromising views have sought to harmonize millions of years with a six-day creation account (pp. 207-214).

The attack is general humanism against what God has revealed in Scripture. The world is making a decision to believe man’s word in contrast to God’s Word. Man often enters what he thinks is neutral ground, but is really man’s word (p. 32). Most use evolution and “scientific appeal” as their cover for rejecting God (p. 69). Unsuspecting Christians get pulled into that slippery slope and fail to stand on Biblical Truth (pp. 72-75).

As the Foundation of Scripture crumbles through attacking Genesis 1-11, Christians find themselves without answers to “why” they believe what they believe (p. 97). If Christians can only give their opinions to children or friends, then life is only about opinions and the “observable science” seems plausible to unsuspecting souls. Ham calls on pastors to wake up and stand for Truth (p. 173). We can no longer evangelize as Peter did in Acts 2, that is, to people who had a Biblical framework (pp. 155f). No, today, we live in a Greek world like Acts 17, because too many people do not even understand there is a God who created all things and revealed Himself in Scripture (Chapter 9 – Evangelism in a Pagan World).

What is at stake is submission to the authority of God as revealed in Scripture. God is sovereign, but man is rejecting His sovereignty in greater and greater numbers. The Flood came the first time the world became so wicked; the Fire will come the next time in God’s judgments (Chapter 11 – Creation, Flood, and Coming Fire). I highly encourage you to secure the content of this volume!


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