SGL: What is the Purpose of the Ice Breaker?

Our mission is to make disciples, which begins by connecting with people. There are a variety of ways to connect with people. Depending on the previous relationships, people can adjust to just about anything, however, you never know when you will have new people or your regular people may have new circumstances that throw them off kilter in life. Most people come into a group setting with masks on and they are only ready to share at the superficial level, “Hi, how are you?” “Me? I’m fine, how are you?” In order to provide an environment for intentional discipleship, ice breakers “melt the ice”! Continue reading


SGL: If They Are Not Talking, You Don’t Know What They are Thinking!

I love watching my grandchildren grow through physical, mental, relational and emotional stages of growth. They are each growing through them differently, but there are generalities that are fun to watch. I also love to hear them talk. I’m focused when I get to see them and listen closely, because I know great things are going on inside of their brains to make neuron connections and grow! The same things are true for watching people grow spiritually. Continue reading

SGL: Handling Questions and Comments about Deep Theology

The study of God is infinite. Solomon, the “wisest” man in the world, said, “Of making many books there is no end, and much study is wearisome to the flesh.” (Ecc. 12:12 NKJ)  Yet, studying God’s Word about God and how to please Him is fun and exciting! So questions and comments about deep or difficult theology (the study of God) are lots of fun and many people have opinions that may vary. The question is not, “What does man say?” but, “What does God say?” Continue reading

SGL: Dealing with Conflict

Home group is a key discipleship opportunity for people to become believers and grow spiritually. Any time you have people, however, there may be conflict. Several articles have been written, which provide counsel on dealing with controlling talkers, tangents and rabbit trails, anger issues, politics and deep or difficult theological questions. Please refer to them for more ideas on how to handle those challenges. Continue reading

SGL: Handling Politics in Home Group

Home group is the place where we can be authentic and transparent. If that is the case then anything goes right? What about politics? Do we follow the old expression, “Don’t talk about religion or politics at the dinner table.” Well that doesn’t work, because home groups are all about spiritual matters Continue reading

SGL: Timeliness in Showing up to the Group

Normally, timeliness is important for showing up to work.  Your paycheck depends on timeliness. Timeliness is important if you are going to get married. It’s not a good way to start out marriage by being late to walk down the aisle or keep the bride waiting.  Timeliness is also important if you are in a race or game. The whole team depends on you to be timely or your final race time depends on timing. But when it comes to church meetings, some people are more lax. Why is timeliness important for home group? Continue reading

SGL: The Length of the Meeting

Does it matter how long a meeting lasts? Does it matter if some meetings are one hour and others are four hours? There are many considerations as we look at home groups, which address culture, participants and family schedules. Paul said it well, “Let all things be done decently and in order.” (1 Cor. 14:40) Put these principles into practice. Continue reading

SGL: Opening the Meeting

First impressions count.  They are important in a job interview, showing your house when it is for sale or going out for the first time in the courting process (although that wouldn’t be the first time you’ve been with the person). It’s a whole lot easier to maintain a good perspective than to try and recover one that has been damaged. Continue reading