Celebration of Spring

Thanks for your participation on Sunday at Pastor Dick’s Celebration of 43 years of ministry.  I know he and Pat were greatly affected by it and it’s seldom we get this kind of opportunity to honor a shepherd and his wife toward the end of their official ministry.
Pastor Gary will lead the next two services for which I’m very grateful as I work with the Website team and the Elders and Deacons on their responsibility profiles.  These will help us tighten up what we do as leadership.  Thanks for your prayers for the leadership team.
This year for Palm Sunday and Resurrection Sunday we’re going to look at “Divine Eyesight.”  They will be services and messages related to how we can and should look at people like Jesus does.  In between those services, we’re going to have a Good Friday service.  It will be a service of reflection, singing, communion and a devotional message from Jesus’ time in the Garden of Gethsemane.  The service will be Good Friday, April 6, at 7pm.
It’s truly amazing the warmth that God has brought to our area.  Our crocus flowers have burst in brilliant colors and our daffodils are dazzling in their magnificent yellow!  I’m not sure what it means for the rest of summer, but I do know for sure Who is in control of summer!  May He be praised!