Country: Man Is God

The American public is ready for it? Recently, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Ginsburg stated that America is ready to accept approving gay marriage.1 She said,

“The change in people’s attitudes on that issue has been enormous,” Ginsburg said. “In recent years, people have said, ‘This is the way I am.’ And others looked around, and we discovered it’s our next-door neighbor — we’re very fond of them. Or it’s our child’s best friend, or even our child. I think that as more and more people came out and said that ‘this is who I am,’ the rest of us recognized that they are one of us.”

“We” realized that it was one of our neighbors, our child’s best friend or our child, who has come out to say, ‘I am gay.” Is that the standard by which decisions are made? Continue reading

Life Insights: Encouragement in the face of Wrong Judicial Decisions

Encouragement in the face of Wrong Judicial Decisions

Today the Supreme Court historically became involved in the same-sex marriage issue.  On one day, the day before they recessed for the summer, the Justices, crossing ideological lines, struck down Proposition 8 from California and the federal government’s Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

Proposition 8 was the mandate by the people of California to prohibit gay marriages in the state constitution.  Same-sex couples sued for their rights to be recognized as legally married couples and the court agreed with their cause and position.  It affects 18,000 same-sex couples wedded in California back in 2008, after which the voters disapproved same-sex marriage on the ballot.  So now everyone in California has to accept what state constitution did not allow nor the majority of the people wanted.  Now you can guess and realize that the power lies with the court of man rather than the Constitution or the people. This is an attack on what is written.

The federal government’s Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA), signed into law by Bill Clinton in 1996, was also struck down.  Those in states with same-sex marriage laws will be allowed to claim rights and benefits the same as hetero-sexual marriages. This is an attack on what is written.

This decision by the courtroom of man does not catch God by surprise.  The Courtroom of Heaven is still in session.  Our responsibility is to mourn for our nation as Daniel did so well in Daniel 9 and prayed on behalf of the nation. Our responsibility is to grow up spiritually and become spiritual parents, that is, to have disciples who are discipling others.   Our responsibility is to ask people if they know Jesus. If they do not or are not sure, then to share the gospel truth and help them understand the truth by faith. Our responsibility is to help draw the body of Christ to BE the body of Christ and care for one another.  Our responsibility is to influence our community through good works and be ready to given an account of the hope that is within.  What a privilege that responsibility is!  Let’s roll!

Do not be discouraged.  Press forward in truth and wait upon the Lord by sharing the truth with every soul who will listen.