Stages: Spiritual Child: How do you pray?

As an infant grows up to be a child, one of the great things he enjoys is learning to play with friends. Children learn to play house, mom and dad, doctor, cops and robbers and teacher. That means they are communicating with their friends and peers.  Sometimes, they do not know how to speak with adults, because they do not know how to relate with adults.  It is difficult to both show respect in humility as well as communicate confidently, because that child/adult relationship is abstract and takes a while to understand. Consequently a child spends much of his time learning by exhortation from his parents how to relate to peers and adults.

The same is true for spiritual children, especially related to prayer.  Continue reading


Stages: Spiritual Child: I am walking, now what?

Spiritual Child level

            Now that you have been a Christian for a while, you likely have the basics down.  You are focused on glorifying Jesus, growing in grace, growing with other believers, pursuing holiness and telling others about Jesus.  That is a great start.  Now what do you do? Continue reading