Book Review: Counseling the Sexual Addict, A Biblical Guide Steve Gallagher

A Biblical Guide to Counseling the Sexual Addict is an excellent read for pastors, counselors and those who love God and love people. Pornography is destroying America because it treats women as objects, because it hinders intimacy in marriage, because it makes men passive cats and because it takes away God’s role of men in the world – to mirror who He is. Gallagher also authored the excellent book “At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry.” Continue reading


Book Review: Porn Nation: Conquering America’s #1 Addiction

Porn Nation: Conquering America’s #1 Addiction by Michael Leahy

Michael Leahy was moving successfully through life, until someone with the same problem confronted him, even though he was not willing to admit the problem at first.  The cloud of sin had created such a calloused soul that he didn’t think he was affecting anyone else.  His double life was his double life, until the truth exposed his dark lie and his world came crashing down.

There is no question that Michael had a tough life growing up, although not greatly worse than many others.  His exposure to mild pornography as a young teen was the stimulus that created a desire for more.  The pornography that he fed grew to a huge gorilla in the room that he was not willing to admit until he was out of control and he destroyed his marriage and his relationship with his wonderful young boys.  This is a very sad story, but real enough that it will help many others who have fallen into (dove into) the bondage of pornography.

When Michael found porn on the internet, his valley became deeper than he could imagine and his callused soul was willing to do anything to keep feeding his desire.  This volume will help many who have succumbed to pornography, yet it doesn’t spend enough time giving biblical solutions.

He grew up in a Catholic home and it seems like he switched to another church, North Point Community Church and he references his pastor, Andy Stanley. I would have desired him to explain what he followed to break his life dominating sin, rather than just mention the 12 step program that he joined.  There was so much time spent on the sordid details of his life until the exposure of his sin and relatively little spent on a biblical solution.  I rejoice that he is in a growing marital relationship and that this volume will help many other men identify the potential crossing lines that get a man (or woman) into trouble.