Book Review: Putting Your Past in It’s Place by Stephen Viars

“Putting Your Past in It’s Place” is a great tool for understanding how to deal with your past or for use as a tool to help another person who is struggling with his/her past.  Everyone carries a certain amount of baggage; it just depends on how people use it for God’s glory or their own foolishness. God always works our situations together for good, if we will trust Him and realize that His will is perfect and He never wastes opportunities to conform us into His image. Continue reading


Insights: Baggage

Do you know that one of the most debilitating things in life is baggage? Baggage is great for air travel, but I’m talking about mental, emotional and social baggage. That kind of baggage is a problem in life, because we are creatures who tend to hold onto baggage and even nurture it along. If we would let go of ours, we would have much better relationships, accomplish much more and have so much more joy in life! Yet, we like to hold on and it weighs us down. Continue reading