Book Review: Logic and Faith by Jason Lisle

“Logic and Faith” is a Christian’s textbook on philosophy in dealing with the Evolutionist’s arguments. It is simple, yet profound. It exposes the enemy’s tactics to twist the truth in order to promote his false teaching. It is a beginning guide, in a concise way, to begin thinking beyond simple devotionals and step into the arena of apologetics.

Lisle breaks apart statements, propositions and conclusions to show the fallacy of opposing arguments. He equips the reader to begin preparing to defend the Truth and see through the deceptive way the Truth is distorted. He promotes the role of logic to refute evolutionary arguments and to use sound reason when defending the Truth.

Some readers may find the brain-twisting logic difficult, but it is essential in order to not be fooled like sheep. Many of the “fallacies” are difficult to pronounce, let alone understand and several more examples could be provided for each fallacy for greater understanding.

At first, I wasn’t sure about reading the book, but after walking through it, I’m very glad to see and begin learning his presentation of logic. It’s definitely something a Christian should read and understand when talking with Evolutionists. Their statements will often make sense, but only because the fallacies of their statements are illogical. Understanding logic can help alertness to their arguments. Secure this through the Answers in Genesis organization.



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