Book Review: Don’t Waste Your Life: Study Guide by John Piper

This study guide was produced by the Desiring God team working with John Piper. It’s a great ten session tool for small groups to work through Piper’s “Don’t Waste Your Life.” The book itself is an excellent challenge as previously noted on the post yesterday and this will assist in accountability to the content.

Too many of us will regret how we wasted our lives. We’ll either have wasted too much time in front of the television, pursuing hobbies that don’t matter, or building our dream career or home, only to realize standing at the Judgment Seat of Christ we wasted all the time, talents and resources God provided for His pleasure instead of ours (2 Cor. 5:10). Piper focuses the reader on the single passion of honoring the Lord and impacting the world around him for the sake of the Kingdom.

There are clearly defined objectives for each lesson, good questions for group discussion and a great section for leaders guidance. Whether group or for personal use, this study guide will assist you to refocus your goals in life and make your life count.


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