Book Review: Day of War by Cliff Graham

”Day of War” by Cliff Graham is the first book of the “Lion of War Series” describing the mighty men of Israel during the time of David’s rise to rulership as king.  Cliff Graham is a chaplain in the US Army National Guard and has traveled to Israel in his study of history, geography, military tactics and culture.  It is an intensely well-written novel of heroic proportions.  Details are graphically laid out to engage the heart of any man who accepts the cost of gaining freedom for his people.

David is not the main character in this book, Benaiah is.  Benaiah, who is seeking to bury his troubled past, joins with the disgruntled warriors to fend off the Philistines and gain protection from King Saul’s insane jealousy.  Descriptions drip with vivid color and conversations project the heart of Benaiah seeking to gain battle status and accomplishment with David.

There are several books set out to grab the heart of men.  This book purposes to walk closely with Scripture to amplify the context of men seeking to honor the Lord and protect their women in King David’s day. This book, and likely the series, is destined to be made into an epic theater presentation.


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