Divine Eyesight

I love that word church. It’s the Bride of Christ. It’s God’s people He is using to build His kingdom. It’s you who have placed your trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and spiritually thirst for Him.

Sunday, we looked at Divine Eyesight and how important it is to slow down and put on“Jesus-glasses” to see what is really going on with people. I love that scene on the DVD we saw where the main character bumps into the big guy while rushing out of the coffee shop. “Hey, watch out!” the big guy grumbles, but what the main character sees is “He needs a hug.” When we look at the outside we might see gruffness, but when we look at the heart, as God sees, we see the need. How are you doing about slowing down to really see and then build a bridge, so that you can reach the real need? We can through Christ who strengthens us become the church, the Bride, God wants us to be. We need to believe.

I hope you’ve had some time with family this week. I’d love for you to join us Good Friday night to reflect on our Savior’s death. I’ve invited several people myself; I hope they come to slow down and reflect. The Eggstravaganza will be at 11amthis year and that’s always a lot of fun to see the children so wide-eyed gathering the treats AFTER they hear the gospel message. And Resurrection Sunday will be a great day to consider how awesome our God is. What does Thomas say when he puts his hands on the Lord? “My Lord and my God!”


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