Book Review: The Amazing Story of Creation from Science and the Bible by Duane Gish

The Amazing Story of Creation from Science and the Bible by Duane T. Gish

This is an incredible book giving a bird’s eye view of God’s biblical account of creation.  Eight short chapters give factual information on why evolution is not compatible with reality and why the Biblical account is the only possible explanation.  He begins with the immensity of our solar system and universe.  He explains succinctly that there could not be a big bang, because explosions always result in disorder, not the order of God’s creation. He aptly explains the need for a divine Creator in the protection of the earth, the earth’s 23.5 degree tilt on its axis and in the creation of plants and animals.  This volume is simply written so a child could understand it and so an adult would be challenged by the details presented.  His treatment of evolution answers questions related to why evolution could not have happened. I especially appreciated his presentation for why it would be impossible for animals to evolve from sea to land and air animals.  His explanation for the existence of dinosaurs is short, but clear on God’s creation of them.  He offers several explanations for their extinction.  His description of whether man came from Adam or from an ape deals with the foolish “discoveries” that were actually hoaxes.  And finally the story of the bombardier beetle will give every Creationist confidence that evolution is impossible.  Use this book to help someone dealing with the biblical creation account.  It’s very faithful to Scripture.


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