Insights: Comfort Level

Great to be back with you to record a few thoughts.

While this world is spinning dangerously out of control, like Russia building a military base in Syria, the USA falling down the immorality spiral and migrants flooding Europe as in the days of the Great Wars, too many Christians have reached their comfort level and are satisfied with where they are spiritually.

Jesus said, “Therefore you shall be perfect, just as your Father in heaven is perfect.” (Matt 5:48) He wasn’t giving a trite quote or a pie in the sky dream. He gave us the standard to which we are to pursue in life. The question is what did He mean?

None of us can be perfect, because we’ll have a sinful nature in our flesh until God takes us home. But we are certainly not to get comfortable where we are and think we are good enough, especially compared to the rest of the mixed up world.  No! We are to humble ourselves and recognize we need to ramp up our efforts and pursue the model Jesus gave us.  That model is not to be an academic Bible genius. It’s obviously not to pursue the success ladder or protective bunker mentality.

The word “perfect” means “brought to its end” or “finished.” We are to pursue the end that God intends for us (Phil. 1:6). That end is to be exactly like Jesus was in the world, i.e. totally dependent on the Word and totally dependent on the Holy Spirit making disciples with every resource the Lord has given us: our time, talents, treasures, tongue and the truth we know. Life is not about our comfort, it’s about His glory!  Let’s pursue that “end’!




2 thoughts on “Insights: Comfort Level

  1. Bryan, I felt prompted to look you up today. After a few web site referrals, I got to this one and this message really speaks to me. Thank you for the challenge.

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