Insights: The Wise Path

I have a good friend helping me with electrical work. He has a great deal of experience and he hooked up the 3-way switches by thinking through the process of current and switches. I would have had to look at the nine different electrical diagrams for 3-way switches and just follow the correct diagram, even though I might not understand the principle. We’d both get the same end, but he understood what he was doing and he’s much wiser for all situations. It reminds me of the political process that has started for 2016 in CPAC straw poll.

AT CPAC , Conservative Political Action Conference, important values were discussed, at least compared to the present actions of the current administration. Some of the speakers know facts about how to lead our country back to important values, but there is something missing. While CPAC is a test for values and this straw poll gives some indication of conservative values, it is only a path to the coming presidential elections. I’m interested in the messages that each of the speakers has, because the messages are crucial for our nation right now.1 Will Rand Paul, who won the straw poll continue his momentum? His message has important points, but the question is will the GOP carry on that message for the sake of restoring the USA back to conservative values. There are many armchair patriots around the nation, but unless you are in the chair making the decisions, you won’t be wise enough to know the full impact of decisions in order to turn our nation around from the wander lust it is in.

But if you leave out the most important ingredient for our country, you may restore the USA back to good values, but still miss what will lead our country back to its founding fathers’ approach. That “ingredient” is honor, reverence and worship of the Lord Jesus Christ. That is the most important ingredient that will make a difference. Will any of the candidates understand and pursue that course? If they don’t, they won’t have the wise way to lead our country.

There is a similar truth in the Christian life. You can know the way to holiness through studying Scripture, but the key is acting on the Biblical Truth that you do know and trusting the Holy Spirit to guide you along the path of holiness. You can know Scripture to “avoid” sin and look good to people around you, but if you don’t depend on the empowerment of the Holy Spirit, you won’t grow as God intended and experience His grace and mercy along the way. You may end up in heaven, but miss out on all that God intended for you – His wisdom applied to life.



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