Insights: It’s a Wonderful Life

“It’s a Wonderful Life” is one of the most watched movies in history. Jimmy Stewart plays George Bailey, who finds out how much his life influenced his city for good. He certainly lived the “wonderful life.”

But it has been reported that you and I live in the best of times, considering the highlights of 2014.1 There were relatively few weather disasters. While 7000 deaths came from Ebola and thousand more from ISIS, most people lived in relative peace compared to the previous six millennia. More British soldiers died in the first day of the Battle of Somme, than all the conflicts post-1945. Global life expectancy is up to 71.5 years and many countries have much higher rates, of course.

You might not have experienced the best year in 2014, but most of the world has. You can have the best regardless of your surrounding conditions, if you have a growing, holy relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. Have you trusted in Him and are you growing in your relationship with Him by reading His Word every day? There is no more important activity, than to spend a few minutes every day in His Word and gaining greater respect and reverence for His love and holiness.

If you lose it all, but you still have the Lord Jesus, you have more than the richest unbeliever in history. You certainly will have a wonderful life that cannot be beat by any means or any way in modern human history. I wish you a Happy New Year and am available to answer any questions you might have.

1 accessed on December 29, 2014.



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