Insights: Christmas Gift

The clear point of Christmas is a Gift.  Most people understand God’s Gift to mankind. Many people are excited to give gifts to reflect the Gift God gives to us.  The question is do you really think about the purpose of that gift and how gifts we give or we receive should be viewed?

Think for a moment. When God gave His Gift, the Lord Jesus Christ, it wasn’t just a present to Mary and Joseph. The Lord Jesus didn’t say in the manger, “Ta da! Here I am!” No, the Lord Jesus was a gift to Mary and Joseph and hence to the entire human race, BUT the Gift also did something – He came to die on the cross in order to bless (reconcile the world to God).

When you give a gift, do you have the purpose of the gift in mind? It’s not just to make someone happy. The purpose is that it should do something for the person and be a blessing to others. Just as Jesus was a Gift to die for our sins, so the gifts I give and receive should do something and then bless others. The gifts should not just be a point of “it’s just what I wanted,” but a fulfillment of helping complete life in the Lord Jesus for the sake of my relationship with the Lord.

Think about it.

Merry Christmas!


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