Insights: Churches Who Feed

As I have transitioned to our new location, I determined to visit a number of churches before settling in on one to attend for now. Each of the five churches we have visited over the last five weeks have provided good messages, a variety of programs for involvement and means of developing relationships. Each of the churches have a variety of “personalities” as far as kinds of people, dress, welcome and leading of worship.

I can remember most of the main content of the messages, but I’m reminded of the person who complained about not being “fed.” One person responded that he couldn’t remember what each of the meals were over the last 30 years of living, but each meal was important to his sustenance and growth. So instead of complaining, he was thankful for the meals.

If you are in a Bible-teaching church, the question is not as much, “Did you remember the content of the message?” but did you act and grow from what you received?” People who complain about not being fed are often spiritual children, who do not receive the Twinkie they desire. Spend the time comparing Scripture with Scripture and talk to your pastor if you have questions. Dig into the passage yourself, rather than desiring to be spoon fed what you want. Then pray for and thank your pastor for the messages he gives so you can be drawn into the presence of the Lord Jesus.


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