Insights: Distractions and Sovereignty

What kind of distractions do you face? You might be working on a project and your child gets sick, so you have to set the project aside to care for your child. You might be headed toward and evening out and a community incident reroutes you around to make you late for your engagement. Or, you might be working, but come down with one of the recent three week colds or mono that uses up all your sick time and part of your vacation!

I’ve been finishing our lower-level and there are many distractions that seem to keep jumping up. For example, a 3″ vent from the gas water heater (vented to the basement against code) had to be rerouted through the cement block to the outside. The spacers for the tiles I needed to set before the wood stove was installed, which I had moved from Indiana and have seen at least once since my arrival, were no where to be found, so an extra trip to the store was necessary.  The 45 degree ABS plumbing connecter turned out was too much so a 22 degree connecter run was needed. Extra rain made static water pressure outside of the basement walls “leak” through and required making a temporary set-up of plastic covered plywood to get the water further away from the house, until the gutters can be installed. And the list goes on.

While they were not in my plan, nothing caught God’s sovereignty by surprise. He knew all the time what is part of the project and what I considered a distraction.

That happens all the time in our Christian walk. What we see as distractions are really just part of God’s sovereign plan. What we see as annoyances, are part of God’s will as a test to accept in humility or reject in foolish sinfulness.

The question is are you dependent on God’s will? When things are out of your control, then accept them with a heart dependent on Him. Choose to accept His “slower” plan to project completion, because He knows what all the steps are. The Lord Jesus is at work and will continue that project of spiritual growth, until He calls you home, “…being confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will complete it until the day of Jesus Christ.” (Phil. 1:6 NKJ)



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