Insights: Dependency on the Truth

Trust is built on the truth. Even criminals trust those who will be truthful with them. They may trust others who are trying to subvert the truth, or the law, but they trust others who want the same thing they want, even if it undermines the real Truth.

The Grand Jury in Ferguson has to pursue the Truth. They must follow the laws of the land. They must do what is right regardless of the consequences their decision will have on others. The evidence that has been produced “seems” very clear. But there is an element that has said, “We don’t “care” about your laws! [words to that effect!]” And “%#&@*% your laws!”

When you reject the real Truth, then you will establish your own sphere of truth. You will establish your own subjective realm that changes according to the need of the moment and what feels good. That is not Truth!

People show what their character is by their dependency on the Truth – the Truth as God sees it and has established it. That is the truth that sets people free, “And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:32 NKJ) In fact, Jesus declared Himself as Truth (John 14:6). Unfortunately, mankind in general does not want the Truth, because they seem to reject the God of truth.

I believe in the first amendment, your right to voice your opinion and even for you to publically declare that through peaceful demonstrations. That would reflect integrity rather than emotionalism. But when there are public declarations of going outside of judicial due process and the need for police officers to quell the violence, we see movements toward anarchy. What direction is the soul of our nation moving?


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